British League KO Cup 1965-1994

First cometeted for in 1965 The British League KO Cup was the premier cup competition in British Speedway. With League reconstruction in 1991 the competition was known as the British League Division One KO Cup. In 1995 the British League and the National League merged to form the Premier League and a new cup competition was formed. In 1997 the Elite League was formed and with it a new cup competition The Elite League KO Cup. 
Year Winners Runners Up
1965 West Ham Hammers Exeter Falcons
1966 Halifax Dukes Wimbledon Dons
1967 Coventry Bees West Ham Hammers
1968 Wimbledon Dons Wolverhampton Wolves
1969 Wimbledon Dons Sheffield Tigers
1970 Wimbledon Dons Belle Vue Aces
1971 Hackney Hawks Cradley Heath Heathens
1972 Belle Vue Aces Hackney Hawks
1973 Belle Vue Aces Reading Racers
1974 Sheffield Tigers Ipswich Witches
1975 Belle Vue Aces Leicester Lions
1976 Ipswich Witches King's Lynn Stars
1977 King's Lynn Stars Reading Racers
1978 Ipswich Witches Belle Vue Aces
1979 Cradley Heath Heathens Hull Vikings
1980 Cradley Heath Heathens Belle Vue Aces
1981 Ipswich Witches Birmingham Brummies
1982 Cradley Heath Heathens Belle Vue Aces
1983 Cradley Heath Heathens Coventry Bees
1984 Ipswich Witches Belle Vue Aces
1985 Oxford Cheetahs Ipswich Witches
1986 Oxford Cheetahs & Cradley Heath Heathens*
1987 Cradley Heath Heathens Coventry Bees
1988 Cradley Heath Heathens Coventry Bees
1989 Cradley Heath Heathens Wolverhampton Wolves
1990 Reading Racers Bradford Dukes
1991 Bradford Dukes Cradley Heath Heathens
1992 Bradford Dukes Reading Racers
1993 Bradford Dukes Arena Essex Hammers
1994 Eastbourne Eagles Cradley Heath Heathens
* cup was shared
Cradley Heath 1982 Champions

Roll of Honour Wins R/U
Cradley Heath Heathens 8 3
Ipswich Witches 4 2
Belle Vue Aces 3 5
Bradford Dukes 3 1
Wimbledon Dons 3 1
Oxford Cheetahs 2
West Ham Hammers 1 1
Coventry Bees 1 3
Eastbourne Eagles 1
Hackney Hawks 1 1
Halifax Dukes 1
King's Lynn Stars 1 1
Reading Racers 1 3
Sheffield Tigers 1 1
Wolverhampton Wolves
Exeter Falcons
Arena Essex Hammers
Birmingham Brummies
Hull Vikings
Leicester Lions