Edinburgh vs Glasgow 12/10/1929

Edinburgh 16 12 October 1929
Glasgow 12 Marine Gardens
Edinburgh T P
1. Drew McQueen f 0
2. James Logie 2 2 4
3. George McKenzie 4 4 8
4. Bill Barclay 2' 1 3 1
R. Bob McGregor 1' 1 1

1. Jimmie Pinkerton 4 2 6
2. arthur Mann 1 0 1
3. Jimmy Valente 0 4 4
4. Jim Holder 1 0 1

Edinburgh Handicap
1st Billy Lamont

Scottish Golden Sash
1st Billy Lamont

Match Race
1st Billy Lamont

Lap Record Attempt
Billy Lamont
Team Match
Edinburgh 16-12 Glasgow 12
Heat 1 Jimmie Pinkerton, James Logie, Arthur Mann, Drew McQueen (F) 2 5 2 5 1min 29.6
Heat 2 George McKenzie, Bill Barclay, Jim Holder, Jimmy Valente 6 1 8 6 1min 31.4
Heat 3 George McKenzie, Jimmie Pinkerton, Bill Barclay, Arthur Mann 5 2 13 8 1min 29.8
Heat 4 Jimmy Valente, James Logie, Bob McGregor, Jim Holder 3 4 16 12 1min 33.2

Edinburgh Handicap ( 4 Laps Standing Start )
Heat 1 Bob McGregor Billy Lamont Wilf Mulliner Harry Duncan Eric Burnet 1min 35.4
Heat 2 Bob Dawson Alex McLachlan James Logie Norrie Isbister Bill Dickie 1min 40.8
Heat 3 Jimmy Valente Bill Barclay Billy Galloway Jim Holder (F) Donald McDonald (F) 1min 32.4
Heat 4 John Duncan Jimmie Pinkerton Archie Chisholm Drew McQueen (NS) Arthur Mann (NS) 1min 33.2
Semi Final Billy Lamont Bob McGregor Bob Dawson Alex McLachlan Harry Duncan 1min 31.4
Semi Final John Duncan Billy Galloway Jimmy Valente Bill Barclay 1min 40.2
Final:Billy Lamont Bob Dawson John Duncan Billy Galloway Bob McGregor (New Track Record) *1min 29.2

Scottish Gold Sash
( 4 Laps Flying Start )
Heat 1 George McKenzie Bob McGregor Bill Barclay Wilf Mulliner 1min 28.8
Heat 2 Alex McLachlan Norrie Isbister Bill Dickie Archie Chisholm 1min 33.8
Heat 3 Billy Lamont John Duncan Eric Burnet James Logie 1min 30.2
Heat 4 Billy Galloway Harry Duncan Jimmy Valente Bob Dawson Jimmie Pinkerton 1min 31.8
Semi Final Bob McGregor Alex McLachlan Norrie Isbister Bill Barclay 1min 31.8
Semi Final Billy Lamont Billy Galloway Harry Duncan John Duncan 1min 28.8
Final Billy Lamont Billy Galloway Alex McLachlan Bob McGregor 1min 26.4

Special Triangle Match Race ( 4 Laps Flying Start )
Billy Lamont Billy Galloway Drew McQueen (NS) (New Track Record) 1min 27.8

One Lap Track Record Attempt
Billy Lamont 21sec (Equals Track Record) Alex McLachlan 22.2sec
The thrills at the final meeting of the season at the Marine Gardens Speedway on 12 October were supplied by the Australian rider Billy Lamont who, on his second appearance at the track, was in almost invincible form.

He won the premier award in each of the three events and in winning the Edinburgh Handicap from the scratch mark established a new record for four laps from a standing start, covering the distance in 1 min 29 and one fifth secs.

His main opposition was limited to Billy Galloway as Drew McQueen took no further part in the racing after he had injured a hand in the opening inter-track race against Glasgow.

George McKenzie won his heat of the Gold Sash but came down in circling the track after passing the post and did not ride again.

In addition to winning three races and breaking a record, Lamont equalled Eric Burnet’s lap record of 21secs.

Edinburgh gained another victory over Glasgow in the inter-track event. George McKenzie won two races for the home track and Jimmy Pinkerton and Val Valente, without Drew McQueen’s opposition, gained victories for Glasgow. Edinburgh, however, held the balance on minor placings to gain the verdict by four points.

Edinburgh vs Newcastle 28/09/1929

Edinburgh 17 28 September 1929
Newcastle 11 Marine Gardens
Edinburgh T P
1. Drew McQueen 4 4 8
2. Andy Milne 1 2' 3 1
3. Gordon Spalding 0 2 2
4. George McKenzie 4 n 4

1. Charles Sanderson 0 1 1
2. Roy Sanderson 2 1 3
3. Bud Thompson 1' 0 1 1
4. Arnie Cattell 2 1 3

Edinburgh Handicap
1st John Duncan

Scottish Golden Sash
1st Charlie Hornby
Edinburgh 17-11 Newcastle (4 Laps Flying Start)
Heat 1 Drew McQueen, Roy Sanderson, Andy Milne, Charles Sanderson 5 2 5 2 1min 29.8
Heat 2 George McKenzie, Arnie Cattell, Bud Thompson Gordon Spalding 4 3 9 5 1min 31.4
Heat 3 Drew McQueen, Andy Milne, Arnie Cattell, Bud Thompson 6 1 15 6 1min 28.2
Heat 4 Roy Sanderson, Gordon Spalding, Charles Sanderson, George McKenzie 2 5 17 11 1min 31.8

Edinburgh Handicap ( 4 Laps Standing Start )
Heat 1 Charlie Hornby Bill Dickie Harry Duncan Archie Chisholm 1min 35.6
Heat 2 Drew McQueen Gordon Spalding Johnston Bob Dawson Jimmie Pinkerton 1min 34.4
Heat 3 Bob McGregor John Duncan Charles Sanderson James Logie Arnie Cattell 1min 34.6
Heat 4 Bill Barclay Andy Milne Jim Holder Bud Thompson Roy Sanderson 1min 37.6
Semi Final Bill Dickie Drew McQueen Charlie Hornby Gordon Spalding Harry Duncan 1min 37.6
Semi Final John Duncan Bill Barclay Roy Sanderson Andy Milne Bob McGregor 1min 39.4
Final: John Duncan Bill Barclay Charlie Hornby Bill Dickie Drew McQueen (F) 1min 39.4

Scottish Gold Sash ( 4 Laps Flying Start )
Heat 1 Bill Barclay Harry Duncan Charles Sanderson Jimmie Pinkerton 1min 31.2
Heat 2 Roy Sanderson Andy Milne Bob McGregor Jim Holder 1min 33.0
Heat 3 Drew McQueen Charlie Hornby James Logie Arnie Cattell 1min 31.6
Heat 4 Bud Thompson Gordon Spalding "Onanoff" Johnson Archie Chisholm 1min 33.2
Semi-Final (1) Andy Milne Roy Sanderson Harry Duncan Bill Barclay (EX)* 1min 35.8
Semi-Final (2) Charlie Hornby Bud Thompson Drew McQueen (F) Gordon Spalding (F) 1min 34.2
Final: Charlie Hornby Bud Thompson (F) Roy Sanderson (F) Andy Milne (EF) ( Only one finisher ) 1min 30.4

Marine Gardens 21/09/1929

21 September 1929
Marine Gardens
Edinburgh Handicap
1st Allan Campbell

Scottish Gold Sash
1st Drew McQueen

Edinburgh Handicap ( 4 Laps Standing Start )
Heat 1 Andy Milne Harry Duncan Buzz Hibberd Bill Barclay William Forsyth 1min 33.4
Heat 2 Archie Chisholm Drew McQueen Allan Campbell Tommy York James Logie 1min 37.4
Heat 3 John Duncan Bob McGregor Billy Galloway Gordon Spalding James Edward 1min 38.8
Heat 4 Bill Dickie Sprouts Elder Jimmie Pinkerton Reg Heller Bob Dawson (NS)1min 37,6
Semi Final Archie Chisholm Drew McQueen Andy Milne Harry Duncan Alan Campbell 1min 36.2
Semi Final Jimmie Pinkerton Sprouts Elder Bob McGregor Bill Dickie (ET) John Duncan (EF)1min 33.4
Final: Archie Chisholm Andy Milne Sprouts Elder Drew McQueen Jimmie Pinkerton (F) 1min 35.2

Scottish Silver Sash ( 4 Laps Flying Start )
Heat 1 Billy Galloway Andy Milne Bob McGregor Allan Campbell 1min 28.2
Heat 2 Sprouts Elder Bill Barclay Tommy York James Logie 1min 29.6
Heat 3 Gordon Spalding Buzz Hibberd Reg Heller James Edward 1min 32.8
Heat 4 Drew McQueen Jimmie Pinkerton Harry Duncan Bill Dickie 1min 28.6
Semi Final Sprouts Elder Andy Milne Bill Barclay Billy Galloway (ET) 1min 28.8
Semi Final Gordon Spalding Drew McQueen (EF) Buzz Hibberd Jimmie Pinkerton 1min 30.8
Final: Sprouts Elder Gordon Spalding Andy Milne(F) Drew McQueen (F) 1min 27.6

Match Race ( 4 Laps Flying Start ) Sprouts Elder Bt Drew McQueen 1min 24
21 September’s racing at the Marine Gardens Speedway was an undoubted triumph for Sprouts Elder.

He had performed in noteworthy fashion earlier in the afternoon at the White City speedway in Glasgow and his victories there were supplemented at Portobello by a win over Drew McQueen in a match race and victory in the Silver Sash event.

Owing to his accident in the international trial, McQueen had been idle of track work for a month and though he performed well on Saturday evening, the old skill and dash were absent. Consequently Elder, after drawing inside position in the match race, though having to ride hard, was comfortably ahead of the Scot to the end. Both McQueen and Elder reached the final stage od the Sash race, but McQueen’s efforts to retrieve himself were doomed to failure. He had trouble with his engine and was in the end forced to rely on a borrowed mount. Yet he early led Elder but lost ground on the bends and in an effort to regain distance slipped up. With Andy Milne also down, Elder had an easy win.

He was presented with the Sash by the Marquis of Tweedale who waas present with a party.

Elder raced exceedingly well in the handicap race and was not very far away in the end, but Archie Chisholm and Andy Milne made good use of their starts and narrow though the margin was kept ahead of Sprouts to the end.

Marine Gardens 14/09/1929

14 September 1929
Marine Gardens
Edinburgh Handicap
1st Allan Campbell

Scottish Gold Sash
1st Drew McQueen

Edinburgh Handicap ( 4 Laps Standing Start )
Heat 1 Gordon Spalding (3) John Duncan (10) Harry Huntley (2) Andy Milne (1)(F)
Archie Chisholm (5)(F) 1min 34
Heat 2 Bob McGregor (5) Tommy York (2) Charles Sanderson (1) Dick Hayman (2)(F)
Allan Campbell (4)(F) 1min 26.2
Heat 3 Bill Dickie (5) Jack Chapman (scr) Harry Duncan (1) Norrie Isbister (2) James Edward (6)(f)1min 39
Heat 4 Bill Barclay (4) Les Maguire (2) Billy Galloway (scr) Tommy Royston (8)(EF) 1min 34.6
Semi-Final (1) Gordon Spalding Bob McGregor John Duncan Tommy York Charles Sanderson (EF)1min 34.6
Semi-Final (2) Bill Barclay Jack Chapman Bill Dickie Les Maguire Billy Galloway 1min 37
Final: Gordon Spalding Bob McGregor Bill Barclay Bill Dickie Jack Chapman (F) 1min 34.4

Scottish Gold Sash ( 4 Laps Flying Start )
Heat 1 Les Maguire Harry Huntley Bob McGregor Jack Chapman (F) 1min 31.4
Heat 2 Norrie Isbister Bill Dickie Charles Sanderson James Logie (F) 1min 32
Heat 3 Andy Milne Tommy York Allan Campbell Bill Barclay 1min 30
Heat 4 Billy Galloway Harry Duncan Dick Hayman Gordon Spalding (EF) 1min 29.2
Semi-Final (1) Norrie Isbister Harry Huntley Les Maguire Bill Dickie 1min 33.2
Semi-Final (2) Billy Galloway Andy Milne Harry Duncan Tommy York 1min 31
Final: Billy Galloway Andy Milne Harry Huntley (F) Norrie Isbister (EF) 1min 28.4

Match Race ( 4 Laps Flying Start )
James Logie Bt Andy Milne 1min 33
( The Above Race Was Re-Run After James Logie Fell In The First Start )

Marine Gardens 07/09/1929

7 September 1929
Marine Gardens
Edinburgh Handicap
1st Allan Campbell

Scottish Gold Sash
1st Drew McQueen

Edinburgh Handicap ( 4 Laps Standing Start )
Heat 1 Harry Duncan (4) Charlie Barrett (2) Bill Dickie (5) Donald McDonald (8)
Frank Duckett (scr) 1min 33.6
Heat 2 Allan Campbell (5) Eric Burnet (4) Andy Milne (1) Gordon Spalding (2) John Duncan (10) 1min 34.8
Heat 3 James Logie (4) James Edward (6) Bluey Wilkinson (2) Bob McGregor (5)
Vic Huxley (scr)(ET NF) 1min 34.8
Heat 4 Bob Dawson (10)(Rudge) Bill Barclay (4) Billy Galloway (scr) Jim Holder (2)
Archie Chisholm (5) 1min 41.4
Semi-Final (1) Allan Campbell Eric Burnet Harry Duncan Charlie Barrett Bill Dickie 1min 34.6
Semi-Final (2) James Edward Bill Barclay James Logie Bob Dawson Billy Galloway 1min 37.4
Final: Harry Duncan Allan Campbell James Edward Eric Burnet Bill Barclay 1min 32

Scottish Silver Sash ( 4 Laps Flying Start )
Heat 1 Gordon Spalding James Logie (FRMT) Frank Duckett (F) James Edward (FRMT EF) 1min 33
Heat 2 Bill Barclay Andy Milne Bluey Wilkinson Bill Dickie 1min 30
Heat 3 Harry Duncan Allan Campbell Jim Holder Vic Huxley (ET NF) 1min 29.6
Heat 4 Billy Galloway Charlie Barrett Bob McGregor Eric Burnet (ET) 1min 31
Semi-Final (1) Andy Milne James Logie Gordon Spalding Bill Barclay 1min 28.4
Semi-Final (2) Billy Galloway Charlie Barrett Allan Campbell (*) Harry Duncan (F) 1min 31
Final: James Logie Billy Galloway Andy Milne Charlie Barrett 1min 28.8

( In Heat Three Huxley and Holder Held Back Waiting A Re-Run Which Did Not Materialise )
(* Semi-Final Two Was Re-Run Harry Duncan Fell And Allan Campbell Laid Down In First Race )

Match Race ( 4 Laps Flying Start )
Vic Huxley Bt Billy Galloway 1min 29.6

Marine Gardens 31/08/1929

31 August 1929
Marine Gardens
Edinburgh Handicap
1st Allan Campbell

Scottish Gold Sash
1st Drew McQueen

Edinburgh Handicap ( 4 Laps Standing Start )
Heat 1 John Duncan (12)Allan Campbell (5)Andy Milne (4) Jimmie Pinkerton (2) Buster Frogley (scr) *No Time
Heat 2 Bob Dawson (11) Bill Barclay (5) Ray Tauser (scr) Gordon Spalding (3)(NS) James Logie (4)(F)1min 41.2
Heat 3 Harry Duncan (4) Bill Dickie (5) William Forsyth (10) Andy Nicholl (2) Jack Adams (scr) 1min 32.8
Heat 4Oliver Goodfellow (4) Donald McDonald (12) Jim Holder (2) James Edward (6) Ned Kelly (scr)1min 34.4
Semi-Final (1) Harry Duncan Oliver Goodfellow Donald McDonald Bill Dickie Andy Nicholl 1min 31.8
Semi-Final (2) Andy Milne Allan Campbell Bill Barclay Bob Dawson (NF) John Duncan (F) 1min 32.6
Final: Andy Milne Allan Campbell Bill Barclay Oliver Goodfellow (F) Harry Duncan (F) 1min 31.8

Scottish Gold Sash ( 4 Laps Flying Start )
Heat 1 Jimmie Pinkerton Bill Dickie Ray Tauser (F) 1min 29.2
Heat 2 Bill Barclay Harry Duncan Jack Adams Jim Holder (F) 1min 29.8
Heat 3 Andy Milne Allan Campbell William Forsyth Ned Kelly (F) 1min 31.2
Heat 4 Andy Nicholl Buster Frogley James Logie James Edward (F) 1min 30.2
Semi-Final (1) Bill Barclay Jimmie Pinkerton Bill Dickie Harry Duncan (F) 1min 27.6
Semi-Final (2) Andy Milne Andy Nicholl Allan Campbell Buster Frogley 1min 29.8
Final: Andy Milne Bill Barclay Jimmie Pinkerton Andy Nicholl 1min 27.2

Marine Gardens 24/08/1929

24 August 1929
Marine Gardens
Edinburgh Handicap
1st Allan Campbell

Scottish Gold Sash
1st Drew McQueen

Edinburgh Handicap ( 4 Laps Standing Start )
Heat 1 James Edward (6) Bill Dickie (3) Norrie Isbister (3) Jack Ormston (scr) Andy Milne (4) 1min 36.4
Heat 2 Bill Barclay (5) Jimmie Pinkerton (3) Sprouts Elder (scr)Art Warren (2) Donald McDonald (11)1min 37.8
Heat 3 John Duncan (12) Allan Campbell (5) James Logie (3)(F) Reg Heller (3)(EF)
Hilary Buchanan (scr)(EF) 1min 37.4
Heat 4 Harry Duncan (5) William Forsyth (15) Jack Parker (scr) Oliver Goodfellow (4)
Jim Holder (2) 1min 34.8
Semi-Final (1) Bill Dickie Bill Barclay Norrie Isbister James Edward Jimmie Pinkerton 1min 36.6
Semi-Final (2) Harry Duncan William Forsyth Jack Parker John Duncan Allan Campbell 1min 34.4
Final: William Forsyth Harry Duncan Bill Dickie Bill Barclay Norrie Isbister 1min 39.2

Scottish Gold Gauntlet ( 4 Laps Flying Start )
Heat 1 Jim Holder Bill Dickie *James Edward Hilary Buchanan (EF) 1min 28.6
( * James Edward replaced the injured James Logie )
Heat 2 Harry Duncan * Reg Heller (F) Jack Ormston (EF) Jimmie Pinkerton (NF) 1min 28.4
( * Reg Heller awarded 2nd place )
Heat 3 Jack Parker Bill Barclay Art Warren Andy Milne 1min 27.2
Heat 4 Sprouts Elder Norrie Isbister Oliver Goodfellow Allan Campbell 1min 28.8
Semi-Final (1) Jim Holder Harry Duncan Bill Dickie Reg Heller 1min 29.2
Semi-Final (2) Sprouts Elder Jack Parker Norrie Isbister Bill Barclay 1min 27.8
Final: Sprouts Elder Jack Parker Harry Duncan Jim Holder 1min 25.8

Match Race ( 4 Laps Flying Start )
Sprouts Elder Bt Jack Parker 1min 24.6 ( For £50 Prize )

A crowd of about 8000 was present at the dirt track racing at the Marine Gardens Speedway on 14 August.

The programme was attractive, among the riders being Vic Huxley, the Australian crack from the White City, London and Billy Galloway, who made his reappearance after an accident which had kept him off the track for some time.

Huxley was in good form and reached the final of the handicap event. This race looked at one point as if it would be won by Jock Duncan but his handicap allowance was partially lost in the second lap when his machine lost speed for a time and in the end he was headed by both Jim Holder and Vic Huxley, who fought out a fine finish for Holder to retain his lead by a very narrow margin.

Huxley improved on this performance when, in a four laps match, he had a fine victory over Drew McQueen. McQueen made amends for this in the semi-final of the Gold Sash at the expense of Billy Galloway, after the latter had headed him on the first bend.

Huxley completed a good night’s work when he won the final in fine fashion, leading both McQueen and Galloway from start to finish.

Marine Gardens 14/08/1929

14 August 1929
Marine Gardens
Edinburgh Handicap
1st Jim Holder

Scottish Gold Sash
1st Vic Huxley

Match Race
Vic Huxley
Edinburgh Handicap ( 4 Laps Standing Start )

Heat 1 Oliver Goodfellow James Logie Bill Barclay Andy Marr Roger Frogley (EF) 1min 31.4
Heat 2 John Duncan Allan Campbell Arthur Moser Eric Burnet Billy Galloway (EF) 1min 42.4
Heat 3 Bob Dawson Jim Holder Vic Huxley Donald McDonald Bill Dickie 1min 32.4
Heat 4 Harry Duncan Drew McQueen James Edward Jack Reilly Reg Heller (EF) 1min 34.2
Semi Final John Duncan James Logie Allan Campbell Bill Barclay Oliver Goodfellow 1min 39
Semi Final Bob Dawson Jim Holder Vic Huxley Harry Duncan Drew McQueen (EF) 1min 36.4
Final Jim Holder Vic Huxley John Duncan (ET) Bob Dawson (F) James Logie (EF) 1min 31.4

Scottish Gold Sash ( 4 Laps Flying Start )
Heat 1 Billy Galloway Reg Heller Bill Barclay James Logie 1min 30
Heat 2 Drew McQueen Oliver Goodfellow Jim Holder (NS) Allan Campbell (NS) 1min 26.4
Heat 3 Jack Reilly Arthur Moser Bill Dickie Roger Frogley (ET) 1min 28.4
Heat 4 Vic Huxley Andy Marr Eric Burnet Harry Duncan 1min 28.2
Semi-Final (1) Drew McQueen Billy Galloway Oliver Goodfellow Reg Heller 1min 26.8
Semi-Final (2) Vic Huxley Arthur Moser Andy Marr Jack Reilly 1min 28.4
Final: Vic Huxley Drew McQueen Billy Galloway Arthur Moser (NS) 1min 25.4

Match Race ( 4 laps Flying Start )
Vic Huxley Bt Drew McQueen 1min 23.8
The miserable weather conditions which prevailed on 10 August had a marked effect on the number of spectators at the Marine Gardens Speedway, there being only some six or seven thousand present. Notwithstanding the heavy rain, however, the sport was of a good standard and the times in several of the races were remarkably fast.

For once there were not any Australian competitors. The chief visitors were Roger Frogley and George Wigfield. Interest in Frogley’s appearance arose mainly from the possibility of his meeting Drew McQueen in the final of the Scottish Gold Gauntlet race and thus renewing some of their exciting tussles of the past.

They duly met in the final but the race was never in any sense a duel between them. Frogley was drawn on the extreme outside berth with McQueen next to him and it was actually at the first bend that the race was decided. While McQueen was endeavouring to get to the inside of the other two finalists, Andy Milne and Jack Ormiston, from the Wembley track, Frogley adopted Frank Arthur’s tactics and flew round on the outside, with the result that McQueen was baulked on the turn. Frogley raced right into the back straight on the lead and settled down ahead of Ormiston with McQueen third. The Edinburgh man made every effort to get on terms, but with Ormiston keeping very close to the white line he was unable to find a way through and eventually he came down on a bend, thus allowing Frogley to win practically without challenge.

The Edinburgh Handicap provided some fine racing. McQueen had the most convincing victory in the heats, covering the distance in 1 minute 31 and four fifths seconds, but he failed to reproduce this form and though appearing in the final could get no nearer than third.

The unlucky man of the evening was the Glasgow rider James Edward who after leading the field for practically the whole journey fell on the final bend in the semi-final.

Dickie won but could not repeat the performance in the final, which went to Oliver Goodfellow, Polmont. From his 5 second mark Goodfellow speedily settled down in to the lead which he maintained to the end, despite a strong challenge from George Wigfield.

Marine Gardens 10/08/1929

10 August 1929
Marine Gardens
Edinburgh Handicap
1st Allan Campbell

Scottish Gold Sash
1st Drew McQueen

Edinburgh Handicap ( 4 Laps Standing Start )
Heat 1 James Edward Harry Duncan Bill Dickie Stan Catlett Bert Fairweather 1min 36.8
Heat 2 Drew McQueen Bill Barclay James Logie Donald McDonald Ron Hieatt 1min 31.8
Heat 3 Andy Milne Roger Frogley Jack Ormston Allan Campbell Bob Dawson (F) 1min 35.6
Heat 4 Oliver Goodfellow George Wigfield John Duncan Eric Burnet Len Reeve 1min 35.8
Semi Final Bill Dickie Drew McQueen Bill Barclay Harry Duncan James Edward (F) 1min 35.2
Semi Final Oliver Goodfellow Jack Ormston George Wigfield Andy Milne Roger Frogley (ET) 1min 33.8
Final Oliver Goodfellow George Wigfield Drew McQueen Bill Dickie Jack Ormston 1min 33.4

Scottish Gold Gauntlet ( 4 Laps Flying Start )
Heat 1 Roger Frogley Bert Fairweather Eric Burnet Bill Barclay 1min 28.2
Heat 2 Jack Ormston James Logie Stan Catlett Bill Dickie 1min 28.6
Heat 3 Drew McQueen Harry Duncan Len Reeve Oliver Goodfellow 1min 29.8
Heat 4 George Wigfield Andy Milne Allan Campbell Ron Hieatt 1min 30.4
Semi-Final (1) Roger Frogley Jack Ormston James Logie Bert Fairweather 1min 27.4
Semi-Final (2) Drew McQueen Andy Milne (FRem) Harry Duncan (F) George Wigfield (F) 1min 29.4
Final: Roger Frogley Jack Ormston Andy Milne Drew McQueen (F) 1min 25.8
The previous flying start record of 1 min. 26 secs for four laps of the Marine Gardens Speedway, set up by Billy Galloway, the Australian, was beaten eight times on 7 August when a crowd of between 25,000 and 30,000 were present at the Open Track Championships.

The championship (carrying with it a prize of £1000 and permanent possession of the Scottish gold helmet) was won by Frank Arthur, the Australian, who met Jack Parker, Coventry, and Sprouts Elder, the American, in the final.

The entry list of 32 riders included most of the best known dirt track riders engaged in the sport and the prospects of good racing were extremely bright.

As in the Scottish Open Championship meeting, only three riders rode in each heat and the comparative freedom for the riders which was thus secured resulted in a remarkably small number of spills.

There were very few races in which all three entrants were not still going all out at the finish.

The preliminary heats began the evening series of records and assured the appearance of some of the first favourites in the later round.

In the first race J. Pinkerton, Glasgow, was narrowly challenged at the final bend by Norrie Isbister but won in a final dash up the straight.

Frank Duckett, the Australian, fell without serious injury at the first bend of the second race and Dick Wise and Freddie Hore, also Australians, had similar bad luck in the third and sixth heats respectively. Hore was carried off with a bruised foot.

Sprouts Elder, in the third heat, was brilliantly challenged by Jack Chapman, Australia and for two laps the spectators were kept guessing until Elder established himself with a comfortable lead on the inside position. It was an amazingly quick race, Elder beating the record by 2 seconds.

In the fifth heat, one of the best races of the evening, Drew McQueen, the Scottish Open Champion, won in a thrilling race with Roger Frogley. McQueen had the inside position and led from the start but, taking his corners rather widely, gave Frogley a chance which the English rider did his level best to improve upon. McQueen won with little to spare in just one second more than Elder’s time.

In the seventh heat, Frank Arthur, who was making his first appearance at the Marine Gardens track won easily from Ivor Creek, England.

In the first semi-final Pinkerton, the Glasgow rider, challenged Sprouts Elder with great courage, although Elder drew ahead and won with plenty of room to spare.

In the second semi-final Drew McQueen was eliminated. Parker, the Coventry rider, who (like Arthur) was making his debut on this speedway, went ahead at the beginning and McQueen was third. McQueen overdrew Ron Johnston, the Australian, racing him neck and neck for a few yards, but failed to reach Parker, who equalled Elder’s record time.

In the third semi-final the record was again equalled, this time by Frank Arthur.

In the final the race went to Arthur. After a false start the three riders, Arthur, Elder and Parker, rounded the first bend practically neck and neck. Then Elder led but, with Arthur close behind, until at the top bend Arthur skilfully cut in front of the American who just at that moment withdrew from the race owing to engine trouble or some other cause. Arthur was never in acute danger of being beaten by Parker, although it was a well run race, the time returned for the winner being 1 min 23 secs, which constitutes a new record for the track. There was great enthusiasm in the crowd at the finish and the winner was carried round the track.

Marine Gardens Speedway Open Track Championship 07/08/1929

Marine Gardens Speedway Open Track Championship 7 August 1929
Marine Gardens
Edinburgh Handicap
1st Allan Campbell

Scottish Gold Sash
1st Drew McQueen

Marine Gardens Speedway Open Track Championship ( 4 Laps Flying Start )
Heat 1 Jimmie Pinkerton Norrie Isbister James Logie (ET) 1min 28.4
Heat 2 Andy Milne Bill Dickie Frank Duckett (F)(Harley) 1min 30.2
Heat 3 Sprouts Elder Jack Chapman Dick Wise (F) (New Track Record ) 1min 24
Heat 4 Jack Parker Eric Burnet (NF) Ned Kelly (F) 1min 25.4
Heat 5 Drew McQueen Roger Frogley Jim Kempster (Rudge) 1min 25
Heat 6 Ron Johnson Syd Parsons Freddie Hore (F) 1min 26.2
Heat 7 Frank Arthur (Harley) Ivor Creek George Wigfield (F) 1min 24.2
Heat 8 Stan Catlett Oliver Goodfellow Jim Holder (ET) 1min 30.2
Heat 9 Tiger Stevenson Arnie Cattell Harry Duncan 1min 29.4
Semi-Final (1) Sprouts Elder Jimmie Pinkerton Andy Milne 1min 25.8
Semi-Final (2) Jack Parker Drew McQueen Ron Johnson (NF) ( E.T.R.) 1min 24
Semi-Final (3) Frank Arthur Jack Parker Sprouts Elder (EF) (New T.R.) 1min 23
( Frank Arthur on a Harley Davidson won the Gold Helmet outrigHeat plus £100, and was the new track record
holder with a new time of 1min 23sec which he set in the Final. )

Marine Gardens 03/08/1929

3 August 1929
Marine Gardens
Edinburgh Handicap
1st Allan Campbell

Scottish Gold Sash
1st Drew McQueen

Edinburgh Handicap ( 4 Laps Standing Start )
Heat 1 Oliver Goodfellow Frank Duckett Eric Burnet Bill Barclay Bob Dawson 1min 36.8
Heat 2 Allan Campbell Andy Milne Buster Frogley Jim Holder Donald McDonald 1min 35.2
Heat 3 James Logie Drew McQueen (ET) Freddie Hore (EF) John Duncan (NF) 1min 35.8
Heat 4 James Edward Colin Stewart Walter Elliot Harry Duncan Dick Wise 1min 38.4
Semi Final Allan Campbell Jim Holder Andy Milne Frank Duckett (FEX) Oliver Goodfellow (NS)1min 38.8
Semi Final Colin Stewart Harry Duncan James Logie (nf) James Edward (nf) Drew McQueen (EF)1min 32.8
Final Allan Campbell Jim Holder Colin Stewart Harry Duncan Andy Milne 1min 37.2

Scottish Gold Sash ( 4 Laps Flying Start )
Heat 1 Dick Wise Andy Milne Donald McDonald Jim Holder 1min 29.6
Heat 2 Drew McQueen Allan Campbell Oliver Goodfellow Colin Stewart (EF) 1min 28.8
Heat 3 James Logie John Duncan Bill Barclay Freddie Hore (F) 1min 40.8
Heat 4 Buster Frogley Eric Burnet Harry Duncan James Edward 1min 33.4
Semi Final Drew McQueen Dick Wise Andy Milne (NF) Allan Campbell (NF) 1min 29.4
Semi Final Buster Frogley James Logie John Duncan Eric Burnet (ET) 1min 30.8
Final Drew McQueen Buster Frogley Dick Wise James Logie 1min 28.4
he dirt track racing programme at the Marine Gardens on 3 August provided 10,000 spectators with brisk and interesting sport and enabled Drew McQueen to win the gold sash and thus become holder of all the track trophies.

He was in good form and though for one and a half laps in the final he was headed by Buster Frogley, McQueen always had the measure of the Englishman and once he gained the lead he won in comfortable fashion.

Once again, however, McQueen disappointed in the handicap event. He was set the task of giving starts all round but his engine put the task beyond him. He certainly was able to get beyond the initial heat but only after having stopped and restarted. By then the other competitors, except the winner J. Logie, had retired and McQueen gained second place without opposition.

The semi-final finished McQueen, his engine failing him and causing him to retire.

In the other semi-final there was a nasty spill when Frank Duckett, Australia and Oliver Goodfellow came together on the top bend, Duckett being rather heavily thrown against the safety fence. The Australian appeared to have been badly hurt, but after removal to the emergency tent he came round satisfactorily.

Alan Campbell had a comfortable win in the final. He made good use of his handicap and piled up so big a lead that neither Holder nor Wise was able to get on terms.

Grand Prix 2014 Denmark (round 6)

Danish Grand Prix 28 June 2014
Parken Stadium, Copenhagen, Denmark
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 T B
1. Niels-Kristian Iversen 3 3 1 3 1 2 3 16 1st
2. Troy Batchelor 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 20 2nd
3. Greg Hancock 2 0 2 1 3 2 1 11 3rd
4. Peter Kildemand 3 2 2 3 2 3 0 15
5. Tai Woffinden 1 0 1 3 3 1 9
6. Darcy Ward 1 3 2 2 0 1 9
7. Jaroslaw Hampel 1 2 3 1 3 0 8
8. Michael Jepsen Jensen 2 2 2 2 0 0 8
9. Krzysztof Kasprzak 2 1 3 0 1 7
10. Matej Zagar 1 3 0 1 2 7
11. Andreas Jonsson 3 1 0 0 2 6
12. Nicki Pedersen 0 1 1 1 2 5
13. Martin Smolinski 0 1 1 2 1 5
14. Fredrik Lindgren 2 2 0 0 0 4
15. Kenneth Bjerre 0 ex 3 0 0 3
16. Chris Harris 0 0 0 2 1 3
R1. Mikkel Michelsen 1 1
R2. Mikkel Bech dnr
Chris Holder did not ride due to injury
Heat 01 (Re-Run) Kildemand, Lindgren, Zagar, Pedersen.
Heat 02 Jonsson, Jepsen Jensen, Ward, Harris
Heat 03 Iversen, Kasprzak, Woffinden, Bjerre.
Heat 04 Batchelor, Hancock, Hampel, Smolinski.
Heat 05 Batchelor, Kildemand, Jonsson, Woffinden.
Heat 06 Iversen, Hampel, Pedersen, Harris.
Heat 07 Zagar, Jepsen Jensen, Kasprzak, Hancock.
Heat 08 (Re-Run) Ward, Lindgren, Smolinski, Michelsen.
Heat 09 (Re-Run) Kasprzak, Kildemand, Smolinski, Harris.
Heat 10 Bjerre, Hancock, Pedersen, Jonsson.
Heat 11 Hampel, Ward, Woffinden, Zagar.
Heat 12 Batchelor, Jepsen Jensen, Iversen, Lindgren.
Heat 13 Kildemand, Jepsen Jensen, Hampel, Bjerre.
Heat 14 Batchelor, Ward, Pedersen, Kasprzak.
Heat 15 Iversen, Smolinski, Zagar, Jonsson.
Heat 16 Woffinden, Harris, Hancock, Lindgren.
Heat 17 Hancock, Kildemand, Iversen, Ward.
Heat 18 Woffinden, Pedersen, Smolinski, Jepsen Jensen
Heat 19 Batchelor, Zagar, Harris, Bjerre.
Heat 20 Hampel, Jonsson, Kasprzak, Lindgren.
Semi Final 1 Batchelor, Hancock, Ward, Hampel.
Semi Final 2 Kildemand, Iversen, Woffinden, Jepsen Jensen.
Final Iversen, Batchelor, Hancock, Kildemand.

Grand Prix 2014 Sweden (round 5)

Sweden Grand Prix 14 June 2014
G&B Arena, Malilla, Sweden
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 T B
1. Tai Woffinden 3 1 2 3 2 3 3 17 1st
2. Greg Hancock 1 3 3 2 3 2 2 16 2nd
3. Chris Holder 2 2 3 2 3 2 1 15 3rd
4. Jaroslaw Hampel 3 1 3 3 0 3 0 13
5. Niels Kristian Iversen 3 3 1 0 3 1 11
6. Nicki Pedersen 1 3 2 2 3 x 11
7. Kenneth Bjerre 3 2 2 1 2 0 10
8. Matej Zagar 2 1 2 3 1 1 10
9. Peter Ljung 2 0 3 1 1 7
10. Darcy Ward 0 2 1 2 1 6
11. Troy Batchelor 0 0 0 3 2 5
12. Chris Harris 1 3 0 0 1 5
13. Fredrik Lindgren 0 1 1 1 2 5
14. Andreas Jonsson 2 2 0 0 0 4
15. Martin Smolinski 1 t 1 1 0 3
16. Krzysztof Kasprzak t 0 0 ef 0 0
17. Linus Sundstroem 0 0
18. Dennis Andersson 0 0
Heat 1. Bjerre, Holder, Pedersen, Sundstroem (Kasprzak - t)
Heat 2. Woffinden, Jonsson, Smolinski, Batchelor
Heat 3. Hampel, Ljung, Hancock, Ward
Heat 4. Iversen, Zagar, Harris, Lindgren
Heat 5. Pedersen, Ward, Lindgren, Andersson (Smolinski - t)
Heat 6. Harris, Jonsson, Hampel, Kasprzak
Heat 7. Hancock, Holder, Zagar, Batchelor
Heat 8. Iversen, Bjerre, Woffinden, Ljung
Heat 9. Hancock, Pedersen, Iversen, Jonsson
Heat 10. Ljung, Zagar, Smolinski, Kasprzak
Heat 11. Holder, Woffinden, Ward, Harris
Heat 12. Hampel, Bjerre, Lindgren, Batchelor
Heat 13. Batchelor, Pedersen, Ljung, Harris
Heat 14. Woffinden, Hancock, Lindgren, Kasprzak (ef)
Heat 15. Hampel, Holder, Smolinski, Iversen
Heat 16. Zagar, Ward, Bjerre, Jonsson
Heat 17. Pedersen, Woffinden, Zagar, Hampel
Heat 18. Iversen, Batchelor, Ward, Kasprzak
Heat 19. Holder, Lindgren, Ljung, Jonsson
Heat 20. Hancock, Bjerre, Harris, Smolinski
Heat 21. Woffinden, Hancock, Iversen, Bjerre
Heat 22. Hampel, Holder, Zagar, Pedersen (x)
Heat 23. Woffinden, Hancock, Holder, Hampel