Marine Gardens 14 April 1930

The opening meeting of the Edinburgh dirt track season at the Marine Gardens Speedway l14 April 1930 was not too reassuring for local talent as the Marine Gardens stars were unable to prevent the spoils going to the Manchester contingent. 

The Mancunians, Frank Varey, Frank Charles and Eric Langton were in top form and the first named won both scratch races while Charles took the Handicap. On point of performance Langton was best as he established new figures of 1 min 29 and one fifth secs for the four laps from a standing start. 

The crowd was 18,500.

Edinburgh Handicap

Heat 1 George McKenzie scr
James Logie 1
1.32 Max Grosskreutz scr
John Miller 5
Gordon Vallance 1
Heat 2 Tom Royston 5
Frank Charles scr
1.41 Harry Duncan 1
Dusty Haigh scr
Syd Parsons scr fell
Heat 3 Len Stewart scr
Bill Barclay 3
132.8 Gordon Spalding 1
Bob McGregor 2
Frank Varey scr ef
Heat 4 Eric Langton scr
Archie Chisholm 3
1.29.2 TR Andy Milne 1
Drew McQueen scr
Bruce McCallum scr
Semi Final 1 Harry Duncan
Frank Charles
1.34.2 Tom Royston
James Logie
George McKenzie ef
Semi Final 2 Eric Langton
Bill Barclay
1.30.6 Len Stewart
Drew McQueen fell
Final Frank Charles
Eric Langton
1.30.6 Harry Duncan
Bill Barclay
Tom Royston

Scottish Golden Sash

Heat 1 Frank Charles
Andy Milne
1.26.6 Len Stewart
Gordon Spalding
Heat 2 Max Grosskreutz
Dusty Haigh
1.27.2 Bill Barclay
Bob McGregor
Heat 3 George McKenzie
Harry Duncan
1.31.8 Syd Parsons EF
Bruce McCallum NS
Heat 4 Frank Varey
Eric Langton
1.24.2 George Vallance
James Logie
SF 1 Dusty Haigh
Frank Charles
1.27.4 Andy Milne
Max Grosskreutz
SF 2 Frank Varey
Eric Langton
1.25.2 George McKenzie
Harry Duncan
Final Frank Varey
Frank Charles
1.23.8 Eric Langton
Dusty Haigh

Match Race 4 laps lying start

1.32.2 Frank Varey
Len Stewart