Barrie Dixon

Name: Barrie Dixon
Place: Hexham, England
British Cubs: Edinburgh (1985), Berwick (1986)

His club career lasted for only 2 years but he did take part in the Ivan Mauger Farewell to Scotland meeting and is pictured to the right along side multiple World Champions.

From L to R-Jeremy Doncaster-Peter Collins-Richard Knight-Kai Niemi-Finn Jensen-John Cook kneeling-Chris Morton-Simon Cross-Barrie Dixon-Erik Gundersen-Brett Saunders-Steve Finch-Ivan Mauger on the bike-Billy Burton-Bobby Beaton-Eddie Ingles-Shawn Moran Kneeling-Scott Lamb-Phil Collins.
Powderhall 20th September 1985
Year Team Meet Race Pts Bon Ave Max Paid
1985 Edinburgh NL 3 7 2 2 2.29 - -
1986 Berwick NL 5 10 5 2 2.80 - -