Bert Clark

Name: Bert Clark
Place: ?
Death: ?
British Cubs: Edinburgh (1954)
represented the Dominions and Rhodesia
Bio: Edinburgh born Bert was raised in Rhodesia and learned the sport in Africa. He returned to Scotland in 1954 and spent just the one year in British Speedway.  Also with him in the Monarchs team was fellow African Roy Bester they had ridden together in South Africa. Bert also turned out as a guest 3 times for Weymouth Scorchers in challenge matches. He represented the Dominions in a test match against Britain in Bulawayo on 29 December 1953. Bert also represented Rhodesia against South Africa at the Bulawayo Showgrounds, South Rhodesia 5th September 1953. Bert was the first Rhodesian to ride in the UK.
Bert Clark
Year Team Meet Race Pts Bon Ave Max Paid
1954 Edinburgh NL 2 48 48 51 5 4.67 - -