Conference / National League KO Cup

Cup competition for the third level teams first held in 1995.
see also National/Conference League | National Shield | National Trophy | Four Team Championship | Pairs Championship | National League Riders Championship

Academy League
1995 Berwick Bandits Stoke
Conference League
1996 Linlithgow Lightning Mildenhall
Amateur League
1997 no competition
Conference League
1998 St Austell Gulls Mildenhall
1999 St Austell Gulls Newport Mavericks
2000 Boston Barracudas Rye House Rockets
2001 Somerset Rebels Rye House Rockets
2002 Buxton Hitmen Rye House Rockets
2003 Mildenhall Fen Tigers Rye House Rockets
2004 Mildenhall Fen Tigers Boston Barracudas
2005 Weymouth wildcats Mildenhall Fen Tigers
2006 Scunthorpe Scorpions Plymouth Devils
2007 Scunthorpe Scorpions Plymouth Devils
2008 Plymouth Devils Boston Barracudas
National League
2009 Bournemouth Buxton Hitmen
2010 Buxton Hitmen King's Lynn Young Stars
2011 Scunthorpe/Sheffield Mildenhall Fen Tigers
2012 Mildenhall Fen Tigers Dudley Heathens
2013 Dudley Heathens Isle of Wight Islanders
2014 Cradkley Heath King's Lynn Young Stars