1975 Timeline September

1975 Timeline
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Exeter 41-37 Halifax British League
Cradley Heath 42-36 Hackney British League
Reading 42-36 Newport British League
Scunthorpe 48-30 Berwick National League
Newcastle 49-29 Coatbridge National League
Birmingham 51-27 Ellesmere Port National League
Scotland vs England Cubs Challenge (at Berwick)
Ellesmere Port 43-35 Workington National League
Leicester 43-35 Oxford British League
Crayford 48-30 Teesside National League
Weymouth 50-28 Bradford National League
Swindon 36-42 King's Lynn British League
Paisley 39-39 Berwick Scottish Cup
Paisley 43-35 Canterbury National League
Poole 39-39 Newport British League
Hull 43-35 Leicester British League
Bradford 47-31 Peterborough National League
Ipswich 42-36 Exeter British League
Stoke 44-34 Rye House National League
Wimbledon 45-33 Coventry British League
Oxford 46-32 Reading British League
Sheffield 46-32 Cradley Heath British League
Teesside 47-30 Paisley National League
Hackney 35-43 Belle Vue British League
Peterborough 37-41 Newcastle National League
Coatbridge 45-32 Canterbury National League
Newport 46-32 Hull British League
Wolverhampton 46-32 Swindon British League
King's Lynn 52-25 Coventry British League
Workington 54-24 Rye House National League
Crewe Littlechild Trophy Paul Gachet
Wembley Stadium World Championship Final Ole Olsen
Mildenhall 41-37 Newcastle National League
Boston 48-30 Berwick National League
Rye House Rh V Ips V Kl V Hac Four Team Ipswich
Eastbourne Eas V Ox V Le V Hal Four Team Oxford
Exeter 36-42 Newport British League
Reading 41-37 Sheffield British League
Newcastle 47-29 Scunthorpe National League
Cradley Heath 47-31 Halifax British League
Birmingham 52-25 Coatbridge National League
Leicester 39-39 Ipswich British League
Weymouth 43-35 Rye House National League
Ellesmere Port 44-34 Teesside National League
Crayford 57-21 Workington National League
Bradford 25-11 Stoke National League Abandoned heat 6
Bradford vs Mildenhall National League rained off
Scunthorpe 38-40 Newcastle National League
Poole 45-33 Swindon British League
Hull 46-30 Belle Vue Challenge
Coventry Brandonapolis Phil Crump
Stoke 36-42 Crayford National League
Wimbledon 41-37 Newport Challenge
Oxford 43-35 Wolverhampton British League
Teesside 48-30 Peterborough National League
Teesside 49-29 Scunthorpe National League
Ipswich 50-27 Reading British League
Sheffield Northern Riders Championship Final PeterCollins
Coatbridge 37-41 Boston National League
Peterborough 40-38 Stoke National League
Peterborough 41-37 Ellesmere Port National League
Hackney 49-29 Swindon British League
Workington 49-29 Crayford National League
Newport 52-26 King's Lynn British League
Wolverhampton Pride Of Midlands Billy Sanders
Cradley Heath 38-40 Ipswich British League
Coventry 39-39 Oxford Challenge
King's Lynn 40-38 Young Lions Challenge
Berwick 41-37 Boston National League
Paisley 44-33 Crayford National League
Belle Vue 45-33 Poole British League
Halifax 45-33 Hull Challenge
Canterbury vs Eastbourne National League rained off
Swindon vs Reading British League rained off
Boston Millenium Trophy Alan Molyneux
Newcastle National League Norhthern Riders Campionship Tom Owen
Eastbourne vs Weymouth K O Cup rained off
Mildenhall vs Paisley National League rained off
Rye House vs Canterbury Challenge rained off
Exeter 43-35 Oxford British League (points were awarded to Oxford Exeter infringed the guest rider rules)
Newcastle 48-30 Workington KO Cup Semi Final 1st leg
Birmingham 53-25 Paisley National League
Crewe 58-20 Rye House National League
Reading Manpower Trophy Phil Crump
Scunthorpe Stadium Trophy Doug Underwood
Leicester 37-41 Exeter British League
Weymouth 41-37 Scunthorpe National League
Ellesmere Port 48-30 Eastbourne National League
Crayford vs Bradford National League rained off
Crayford vs Paisley National League rained off
Hull 39-39 Halifax Challenge
Mildenhall 57-20 Paisley National League
Belle Vue 58-20 Boston Inter Division KO Cup Semi Final 1st leg
Bradford 63-15 Weymouth National League
Poole vs Reading British League rained off
Oxford 44-34 Swindon British League
Sheffield 47-31 Coventry British League
Teesside 58-20 Weymouth National League
Teesside Silver Helmet Tom Owen 1-2 Joe Owen
Wimbledon Southern Riders Championship Qualifying Round Anders Michanek
Ipswich Southern Riders Championship Qualifying Round Malcolm Simmons
Ipswich Golden Helmet John Louis 2-1 Malcolm Simmons
Stoke 29, Birmingham 42, Boston 37 Three Team Tournament 2nd leg
Wolverhampton 31-47 Oxford British League
Newport 40-38 Exeter British League
Peterborough 47-29 Paisley National League
Workington 48-30 Newcastle KO Cup Semi Final 2nd leg
Workington vs Mildenhall National League rained off
Coatbridge 51-27 Weymouth National League
Hackney Southern Riders Championship Qualifying Round Billy Sanders
Swindon 33-45 Cradley Heath British League
King's Lynn 40-38 Newport British League
Paisley 41-37 Mildenhall National League
Berwick 42-35 Birmingham National League
Coventry 46-32 Exeter Challenge
Halifax 46-32 Oxford Inter Division KO Cup Semi Final
Belle Vue 51-27 Sheffield British League
Canterbury 60-18 Peterborough National League
Norden Germany England 41, Russia 29, Sweden 17, Poland 9 World Team Cup Final
Rye House 36-42 Newcastle
National League
Mildenhall 40-38 Peterborough £100 Challenge 1st leg
Eastbourne 60-18 Weymouth KO Cup Semi Final 1st leg
Boston 64-14 Scunthorpe National League
King's Lynn BSSC Junior Champ Billy Spiers
Cradley Heath 32-45 Belle Vue KO Cup Semi Final 1st leg
Newcastle 40-38 Ellesmere Port National League
Newcastle Silver Helmet Joe Own 2-0 Tom Owen
Crewe 42-35 Workington Challenge
Scunthorpe 44-34 Stoke National League
Birmingham 49-29 Teesside National League
Exeter Southern Riders Championship Qualifying Round Ivan Mauger
Reading Southern Riders Championship Qualifying Round Malcolm Simmons
Berwick 42-36 Newcastle Challenge
Weymouth 42-36 Eastbourne KO Cup semi Final 2nd leg
Ellesmere Port 45-33 Scunthorpe National League
Leicester 45-33 Coventry British League
Crayford 55-23 Paisley National League
Crayford 59-19 Bradford National League
Hull 43-35 Swindon British League
Bradford Patrons Trophy Dave Baugh
Poole Southern Riders Championship Qualifying Round Malcolm Simmons
Poole Golden Helmet Malcolm Simmons 2-0 John Louis
Oxford 36-12 A King's Lynn British League Abandoned Heat 8 rain
Stoke 49-29 Crewe Potters King's trophy 1st leg
Sheffield Yorkshire Open Championsip Peter Collins
Teesside Teesside Silver Helmet Alan Emerson
Ipswich Tolly Cobbold Seven v Dave Bickers Seven rained off
Wimbledon vs Poole British League rained off
Coatbridge 41-37 Crewe National League
Coatbridge 45-33 Paisley BSM Trophy 1st leg
Hackney 42-36 Wolverhampton British League
Leicester 47-31 Halifax KO Cup Semi Final 1st leg
Workington 51-27 Newcastle KO Cup semi Final replay 1st leg
Newport 61-17 Sheffield British League
Peterborough Peterborough 8 Ipswich 32 King's Lynn 25 Oxford 31 Inter League Four Team Tournament
Cradley Heath 34-44 Wolverhampton Midland Cup Semi Final 2nd leg
Halifax 37-40 Leicester KO Cup Semi Final 2nd leg
Halifax vs Belle Vue British League Rained Off
Coventry 38-40 Reading British League
Swindon 45-33 Newport Severn Bridge Trophy 1st leg
Wimbledon National League Riders Championship Laurie Etheridge
King's Lynn Southern Riders Championship Qualifying Round Ian Turner
Rye House 33-45 Birmingham National League
Wolverhampton 37-41 Newport British League
Boston 44-34 Newcastle Challenge
Eastbourne 48-30 Canterbury National League
Eastbourne 50-28 Berwick National League
Mildenhall 49-29 Bradford National League
Crewe 36-41 Stoke Kings-Potters Trophy 2nd leg
Newcastle 37-41 Workington KO Cup Semi Final Replay 2nd leg
Paisley 37-41 Coatbridge Challenge
Exeter 43-35 Wimbledon British League
Birmingham 52-26 Rye House National League
Reading 53-25 Hackney British League
Birmingham 57-20 Mildenhall National League
Scunthorpe 17 Ipswich 43 Coventry 20 Sheffield 20 Inter League 4 Team Tournament
Weymouth 39-39 Berwick National League
Ellesmere Port 41-37 Newcastle Challenge
Crayford vs Canterbury Challenge rained off
Leicester vs Poole British League rained oOff