1958 Timeline August

1958 Timeline
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Leicester 61-35 Ipswich National League
Swindon 41-54 Coventry National League
Belle Vue 51-45 Wimbledon National League
Norwich 58-38 Southampton National League
Eastbourne Silver Helmet Ivan Mauger
Rye House August Trophy Meredith
Poole 58-38 Oxford National League
Wimbledon 58-38 Norwich National League
Ipswich Geoff Revett Trophy Ken Mckinlay
Yarmouth 46-50 Norwich Challenge
Southampton 54-42 Leicester National League
Norwich CTS Continental Trophy Ove Fundin
St Austell vs Poole Challenge rained off
Ipswich 45-51 Belle Vue National League
Oxford 46-50 Leicester National League
Swindon 60-60 Norwich National Trophy Semi Final
Coventry 69-26 Ipswich National League Semi Final
Belle Vue 77-43 Southampton National Trophy
Wimbledon 63-33 Coventry National League
Yarmouth 24-34 Juniors Challenge
Southampton 60-59 Belle Vue National Trophy Semi Final
England vs Australia International (at Poole) rained off
St Austell vs Oxford Challenge rained off
Ipswich 42-54 Southampton National League
Oxford King Of Oxford Jack Young
Leicester 52-44 Poole National League
Coventry 53-43 Southampton National League
Norwich 69-51 Swindon National Trophy Semi Final
Belle Vue WCQR Semi-Final Ken Mckinlay
Eastbourne 52-20 Swindon Challenge
Rye House 59-25 California Challenge
Wimbledon WCQR Semi Final Peter Craven
Poole J Thomson Trophy rained off
Southampton WCQR Semi-Final Geran
Yarmouth Handicap Trophy Albert Sparrey
St Austell 34-26 Poole Challenge
England 58-50 Australia International (at Belle Vue)
Oxford 25-35 Ipswich National League abandoned heat 10
Leicester WCQR Semi-Final Brian Crutcher
Norwich Starlets 25-34 Yarmouth Junior Challenge
Ipswich 45-51 Oxford National League
Coventry 51-45 Norwich National League
Swindon 56-40 Belle Vue National League
Eastbourne Mixed Meeting
Wimbledon 49-47 Belle Vue Britannia Shield Final
Poole 56-40 Ipswich National League
Southampton 56-40 Poole National League
Norwich Pride Of East Trophy Peter Craven
St Austell West Of England Trophy Jack Geran
Oxford 55-40 Southampton National League
WCQR race off Jeck Geran at Oxford
Ipswich Croft Watch Trophy Peter Moore
Leicester 58-38 Coventry National League
Britannia Shield Champions
Coventry 47-49 Leicester National League
Belle Vue 53-43 Wimbledon Britannia Shield Final
Swindon 56-40 Southampton National League
Norwich 59-37 Ipswich National League
Rye House 54-29 Coventry Challenge
England 58-49 Overseas Challenge (at Eastbourne)