1947 Team Gallery

1947 Team Gallery
National League Division One
Harringay Racers 1947 New Cross 1947
Belle Vue Aces Harringay Racers New Cross Rangers
Wally Lloyd, Jim Boyd, Jack Parker (capt.) Alice Hart (manager)
Ron Mason, Eric Langton, Dent Oliver, Bill Pitcher, Louis Lawson.
Jeff Lloyd.Mick Mitchell.Geoff Pymar.Frank Lawrence.Lionel Van Praag.Ron Johnson (on bike) Ray Moore. Bill Longley.Eric French. Manager Fred Mockford
Wembley Lions West Ham 1947
Odsal Boomerangs Wembley Lions West Ham Hammers
Tommy Price, Bronco wilson, Bill Gilbert, Ray Craighead, Alec Jackson (manager), George Wilks, Charlie May, Split Waterman, Bob Wells, Bill Kitchen (captain on bike) Stan Greatrex, Malcolm Craven, Cliff Watson, Bill Mathews, Benny King, Cliff Parkinson, Howdy Byford, Tommy Croombs, Aub, Akko.  Eric Chitty
Wimbledon Dons
National League Division Two
Birmingham 1947
Birmingham Brummies Bristol Bulldogs Glasgow Tigers
Newcastle 1947 Norwich 1947
Middlesbrough Bears Newcastle Diamonds Norwich Stars
Jack Hodgson Herby King Bill Wilson Wilf Plant Tip Mils Geoff Godwin Fred ´`Kid¨` Curtis Frank Hodgson Ed ``Crusty`` Pye.. Ken Le Breton , Danny Calder, Doug McLachlan, Johnny Hunt, Peter Lloyd, Pat Smith, John S Hoskins (Promoter), Alec Grant,, Wilf Jay, Len Gallagher, Bonny Waddell, Norman Evans (Captain). Syd Littlewood, Ernie Howard, Jack Freeman, Ted Bravery, Geoff Revett, Roy Duke, Dick Wise. Front row: Paddy Hammond, Sid Hipperson, Bert Spencer (on bike) and Paddy Mills.
Wigan 1947
Sheffield Tigers Wigan Warriors
National League Division Three
Cradley 1947 Exeter 1947
Cradley Heath Cubs Eastbourne Eagles Exeter Falcons
Plymouth 1947 Southampton 1947
Hanley Potters Plymouth Devils Southampton Saints
Tamworth Hounds Wombwell Colliers
Harwood Pike, Stan Hodson, Len Tupling (Capt), Jan Yates, Ken Allick, Bert Thomas, Gerry Williams.

1950 Team Gallery

1950 Team Gallery
National League Division One
Belle Vue Aces 1950 Bristol Bulldogs 1950 Birmingham Brummies 1950
Belle Vue Aces Bristol Bulldogs Birmingham Brummies
Dent Oliver, Dennis Parker, Jack Parker (captain), George Smith Charles Cullum, Ken Sharples, Henry Long, Ron Mason, Louis Lawson Roy Taylor, Cliff Cox, Pat Flanagan, John Hole (captain on bike), Ivor Toms, Ernie Baker (inset), Trevor Redmond Arthur Payne, Dennis Hitchings, Geoff Bennett, Bill Wilkins, Doug McLachlan, Jim Tolley, Graham Warren (cap), Fred Perkins, Wilf Willstead, Ron Mountford
Harringay Racers 1950 New Cross Rangers
Bradford Tudors Harringay Racers New Cross Rangers
George Kay (assistant manager), Ron How, Alf Viccary, Jeff Lloyd, Fred Pawson, Nobby Stock, Vic Duggan (captain on bike), Syd Clark, Split Waterman, Ron Barrett, Cliff Watson, Danny Dunton, Wal Phillips (manager), Harry aldridge (trainer
Wembley Lions 1950 West Ham Hammers 1950 Wimbledon Dons
Wembley Lions West Ham Hammers Wimbledon Dons
Tommy Price, Jimmy Gooch, alf Bottoms, George wilks Bob wells, Duncan King (manager), Bruce Abernethy, Eric Williams, Jack Gates, Fred williams, Den Cosby, Bill Gilbert, Tommy Barnett (mechanic), Bill Kitchen (capatain on bike) Arthur Atkinson (promoter), Howdy Byford, Wally Green, Malcolm Craven, Eric Chitty (captain), Cliff Watson, Fred Curtis, Trevor Davies, front - Aub Lawson, Reg Fearman, Frank Bettis back - Mike Erskine, Ted Brine (manager), Jim Gregory, Dennis Gray, Norman Parker (captain, Alec Statam front - Ernie Roccio, Reg Trott, Ronnie Moore, Jim Wright, Cyril Brine
National League Division Two
Coventry Bees 1950 Cradley Heath 1950
Ashfield Giants Coventry Bees Cradley Heath
Willie Wilson, Merv Harding, Bill Baird, Alec Grant, Eric Liddell,  Bob Lovell & Ken Le Breton with Keith Gurtner Roy Moreton, Peter Brough, Johnny Reason, Derrick Tailby, Stan Williams, Charles Ochiltree (manager) front - Lionel Levy, Les Hewitt, Bob Fletcher (captain), Cyril Cooper back - Bill Clifton, Gil Craven, Les Tolley, Phil Malpass, Harry Bastable, front - Alan Hunt, Frank Young, Jim Pain
Edinburgh Monarchs 1950 Fleetwood Flyers
Edinburgh Monarchs Fleetwood Flyers Gasgow Tigers
back - Harold Fairhurst, Clem Mitchell, Tommy Allott, Frank Varey (promoter), Jack Young. front - Dick Campbell, Don Cuppleditch, Eddie Lack, Bob Mark. back - Graham Williams, Bill Reynolds, Alf Parker, Dick Geary, front - Don Potter, Geoff Culshaw, Norman Hargreaves, Wilf Plant Ken McKinlay, Joe Crowther, Ian Hoskins, Jack Hodgson , Gordon, McGregor. Front: Peter Dykes, Junior Bainbridge, Tommy Miller  Norman Lindsayd
Halifax Dukes 1950 Hanley Potters 1950 Newcastle
Halifax Dukes Hanley Potters Newcastle Diamonds
back - Arthur Forrest, Jack Dawson, Bill Crosland, Bunny Burrows, front - Jack Hughes, Al Allison, Vic Emms (captain), Ray Johnson Bill Harris, Ken Adams, Tiger Stevenson (manager), John Fitzpatrick, Brian Pritchett, Les Jenkins, Bill Bridgett, Lindsay Michell, Gil Blake Ern Brecknell, Son Mitchell, Don Lawson, Wilf Jay (on bike), Bill Lowther, Derek Close, Don Wilkinson, Herby King
Norwich 1950 Plymouth Devils
Norwich Stars Plymouth Devils Sheffield Tars
Fred Rogers, Alec Hunter, Syd Littlewood, Paddy Mills (captain on bike), Jack Freeman, Huck Flynn, Bob Leverenx, Johnny Davies, Phil Clarke, Major Fred Evans (manager), Cecil Bailley, Jimmy Baxter (promoter), Alan Smith, Peter Bantock (dirctor), Pete Landsdale, Bill Thatcer, front - George Wall, Peter Robinson (captain), Len Read, Johnny Bradford Len Williams, Jack Gordon, Peter Orpwood, Ted Flanagan (mech), Jack Winstanley, front - Charlie New, Guy Allott, Bill Dalton, Jack Chignall (cap)
Southampton saints 1950 Walthamstow Wolves Yarmouth Bloaters 1950
Southampton Saints Walthamstow Wolves Yarmouth Bloaters
Bill Holden, Phil Bishop, Roy Craighead, Tom Oakley, Buck Whitby, Jimmy Baxter (director), Jimmy Squibb (captain), Frank Goulden (manager), Les Wotten, Steve Langton, Harold McNaughton back- Jimmy Grant, Reg Reeves, Archie Windmill, Benny King, George Newton , Harry Edwards, Charlie May front - Jim Boyd (on bike) Reg Morgan, Jack White, Bill Carruthers, Fred Brand, Tip Mills, Bert Rawlinson, Wally Higgs.
National League Division Three
Leicester unters 1950 Liverpool 1950
Leicester Hunters Liverpool Oxford
back - Ted Flanaghan (assistant manager), Ron Wilson, Les Beaumont, Jack Watts, Suibb Burton, centre - Lionel Benson, Cyril Page, Johnnie Carpenter, Joe Bowkis, Mick Mitchell, front - Harwood Pike, inserts - Vic Pitcher, Jock Grierson Doug Serrurier, Percy Brine, Angus Maguire, Buddy Fuller front - Bill Griffiths, Arthur Bush, Harry Welch (captain), Alf Webster, Reg Duval
Poole Pirates 1950 Swindon Robins 1950 Tamworth 1950
Poole Pirates Swindon Robins Tamworth Hounds
Tony Lewis, Allan Wall, Cyril quick (captain), Charlie Hayden, Sid Hazzard (manager), Dick Howard front - allan Kidd, Terry Small, Ken Middleditch Danny Malone, Ron Clarke, Reg Witcomb (manager), Alec Gray (on bike), George Craig, Reg Lambourne, Frank Evans, Bert Jones, Hugh Geddes back - Lionel Watkins, Brian Shepherd, Phil Hart (manager), Laurie Schofield, Cecil Hookham
front - Ivor Davies, Brian Wilson (mascot), John Hitchins, Eric Boothroyd